Bank Marketing Manuals

Bank Marketing Manuals

Successful Sales Strategies 
from Top Banks & Credit Unions

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Siefer Consultants was established 39 years ago in Storm Lake, Iowa. Since that time, our company's manuals, reports, and newsletters have helped thousands of banks and credit unions improve their marketing, sales and profits.

We can help your institution.

Siefer manuals are unique because they contain successful marketing and management strategies from top banks and credit unions. When you purchase one of our manuals you'll get ideas you know will work. Instead of wasting time and money with false starts, you'll get the quick results you're hoping for.

Fast growth strategies

Boost sales & profits faster.

Your sales and profits will increase faster when you use proven ideas from our topic-specific manuals. Simply order and download the manuals you want, implement the successful ideas you’ll find in them, and watch your sales and profits soar!